Questions to Ask a Forklift Parts Supplier in Vancouver

Questions to Ask a Forklift Parts Supplier

When you need a new forklift, it is possible to do some research and take advantage of forklift sales in Vancouver to buy the most suitable forklift for the lowest price. But that should not be the end of your relationship with your forklift parts supplier. If you want the forklift to keep operating efficiently, you need to make sure you can always get the best forklift parts when you need them.

Without a good forklift parts supplier, your forklift could end up with a lot of downtime in the future. Your warehouse or factory operations will be adversely affected by a poorly maintained forklift. That’s why we will be looking at some of the questions you should ask when you need a genuine forklift parts supplier.

Do you stock genuine forklift parts?

When it is time to service the forklift you bought at one of the forklift sales in Vancouver, you may be tempted to buy either used, refurbished or cheaper spare parts. This could be to save cost on repairs and maintenance. But if you want to ensure that your machine continues to perform the same way it did when it was brand new, you must use only genuine parts. The manufacturers of genuine parts test them extensively for safety and efficiency so you must insist on genuine parts to protect your workers and your facilities.

How fast do they deliver?

Forklifts perform very important roles in the workplace. So you cannot afford to allow them to be out of service for an extended period of time. To maintain uptime of at least 90% or more, you must work with a supplier that can deliver products within a few hours after you make your order. Preferably, all parts should get to your office within 24 hours after you order for them online.

Do they always stock what you need for each season?

In addition to having adequate stock of the most commonly used parts, your supplier must have adequate distribution centres that are close to your industrial facility. They should also be proactive – anticipating your needs and making adequate provisions for products or parts that are in high demand during each season. For example, some suppliers offer special discounts and marketing campaigns on parts like tires and heaters during winter.

Can You Order a Group of Products Online?

When you need to service your forklift, you might need an entire list of parts all at once. A reliable supplier will help you to save time by offering a package containing those products and helping you by delivering them early enough for your scheduled service. Also, your supplier should have a robust e-commerce website or be connected to an online product store where you can make direct orders online. This makes it easy to contact the supplier and place your order, especially when an unexpected repair is pending or you have an emergency.

Those are some of the questions you should ask a supplier or any dealer during forklift sales in Vancouver. Make sure they have the capacity to meet all your needs for genuine forklift spare parts and they can deliver them quickly to help you avoid unnecessary downtime.