3 Signs You Need to Sell Your Car

Is your current car or truck giving you some hints that it is way beyond its best days?
In the event the answer is yes, what do you plan to do about it?


You could opt to keep the vehicle around until you all but run it into the ground. The problem with that plan is that it may die on you one day when you most need it.
Another option is to keep sinking money into it for repairs. Now, the question then becomes, how much is too much money?
If neither of those options proves appealing, what about where you’d sell your car for scrap metal?
So, is it time to start thinking about you and your current vehicle parting ways?


Recognize When it May Be Time to Move on
In the event your vehicle is indicating it may not be of great service for too much longer, know the signs.


Three indicators keeping your car or truck is in fact proving to not be a good idea at this point would include:

  1. Repairs – Are you spending more time in the repair shop than you are out on the road? If so, that is one clear sign you may need to move on from your current vehicle. The occasional repair should not be all that big of a deal. It is when you start having one part after another going out on you. Before long, that bill for repairs can grow to quite an amount. Having your vehicle in the repair shop also means less time you have it on the road. It can be an inconvenience to have to ask for rides or take public transportation. Know when enough is enough with repairs.
  2. Safety – Your safety and the safety of those around you should always be a top priority. That said what if the brakes, tires and other key parts of your vehicle are less than safe to be out on the road? Not only could this increase the chances of an accident, but you could also be in the cross-hairs of police. Although you may feel as if you are saving money by not getting another auto, never let safety become a major issue.


  1. No return – When you drive a vehicle off the lot, you know that it is going to depreciate in value from day one. That said why not get something for your vehicle while you still can? Selling the vehicle for scrap will end up doing two things. One, it gives you some cash in return that you otherwise may miss out on if the vehicle dies and gets towed away for good. Second, you are doing your small part to help the planet. In recycling the car for scraps, this means one less vehicle out there polluting the roads. As cars and trucks get older, emissions can become a real problem. As you get your vehicle off the road for good, you do not have to worry about being a part of the pollution problem.

If the signs say to sell your car and drive towards another new or used vehicle, will you get something for it in return?