Cars and Fashion

When it comes to our cars, there are a number of benefits of having a set of wheels to call your own. For starters, there’s the element of freedom. Getting your driver’s license and your first car is like a baby bird leaving the nest and learning to fly. Your whole world opens up to you like never before; no longer grounded, you can experience the world in a whole new way. Then, of course, there’s the fashion of cars. Cars are a practical necessity in modern society, certainly, but they also have a certain aesthetic that varies from model to model. As such, you can consider it, aside from being an important element of the working world, a fashion accessory. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your car as a fashion accessory.

First and foremost, let’s consider color coordination. When you cash in this rosewholesale coupon, consider trying to buy outfits that complement the color of your car’s paint job. For starters, consider complementary, or opposite colors. Pairing two opposing colors can create a rather striking effect that makes both colors pop. For example, if your car’s paint job is yellow, why not try an outfit composed of primarily blue? Likewise, green would make a nice counterpoint to a red car, and the list goes on. Alternatively, another way to color coordinate with your car is matching colors. Using yellow as an example again, you could attempt to create an outfit composed of yellows, and perhaps some similar colors like green. This could create a look that’s almost floral or evocative of Summer. Another way to make your car more fashionable is by customizing it. For example, a new paint job might be in order, but have you considered the prospects of a matte paint job, as opposed to the standard glossy finish of a car’s paint job? You can also add a number of decals to your ride to make it more personal, as well as a fashion statement.