Eating Your Used Up Vaporizer Weed

There are tons of reasons touted over and over in all sorts of clickbait-y headlines all over the internet as to why people should put down the roaches and pick up a freaking vape. One awesome advantage to vaporizing weed that I’ve very rarely seen discussed on the web, however, is the fact that you can repurpose your herb even after cooking it up in your vape to get high a second time all over again. Widely referred to as AVB, which stands for ‘already vaped weed’, is a not so tasty snack that all vapers can conserve after every session to get bombed out of their dome for special occasions. Basically, by eating your used up vaporizer weed, you can get the exact same effects of those special brownies and other varied treats that are usually known as edibles. So how the heck does that happen? This article’s here to explain.


This long scientific sounding word isn’t nearly as complicated as it sounds. It refers to a simple chemical reaction brought about solely by heat which transforms THC-A into THC. Everyone knows that THC is mainly what gets you high in cannabis, but few people are aware of THC-A. To put it briefly, THC-A is just waiting to turn into THC, it just needs a bit of heat to do so. Your roasted up brown vaporizer weed that you dump out of the chamber after a session has undergone this process, so you can literally eat the crumbs and get a mental effect out of it.

    How To Eat It

Eating on its own is technically fine but it takes a decent bit to really get lifted, about a gram for most people. Mixing it into other foods is generally recommended, however, unless you’re a bit strange like myself and particularly enjoy the taste of cannabis (honestly though even I gag at the powerful toasted taste of a mouthful of AVB). One way of consuming this edible vaporizer weed that’s never failed me is mixing it into some chocolate pudding or something similar. Cannabis and chocolate go hand in hand. After all, there’s a reason brownies have always been the go to snack when making THC edibles.